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Saturday Turns Up the Heat on NESSA and the Completion of the ASRA Memorial Race

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Tony Benea, winner of the North East Super Street Race.

Saturday, June 25, 2022 was what one would anticipate for summer racing, sunny and a bit warm, the crew from North East Super Street Association (NESSA) was on hand to add another completed race to their schedule. The All Star Racing Association returned to complete the Mark Markow Memorial Race, a race that was started last Saturday and couldn’t be completed due to time restraints. Two gamblers races were also held, one in electronics and one in non-electronics.

Tom Boucher of Byfield, MA doubled up on his wins, taking both last week’s Sunday race as well as the Memorial race by defeating Henry Specht of Newburgh, NY. Mike Farrell of East Nassau, NY and Dan Lynch of Clifton Park, NY lost in the semi’s.

The NESSA race was won by Tony Benea of Windsor Locks, CT who defeated Mike Falcone of Wolcott, CT. Laura LeQue of Troy, NY lost in the semi finals.

The Electronic Gamblers race was won by Dana Bochan of East Hampton, CT when she defeated David Parker of Glenville, NY. Bill Brown of East Haddam, CT and Ray Stanton of Poughkeepsie, NY were defeated in the semi-finals.

The Non-Electronic Gamblers was won by Jonathan Gagnon of Pleasant Valley, CT when he defeated Matt Viscione of Waterford, CT. Joe Comcroski of Oakdale, CT was defeated in the semi’s.


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