Wednesday nights run from May to September, drivers will have the opportunity to make test & tune passes in their STREET VEHICLES, compete in our Summit ET Program which is a money class that pays the winner, runner-up and semi's, or race for fun with year end track points in Street Stick or Pure Street Motorcycle. Street Trophy is for those wishing to try out handicap racing with trophies to the winner and runner up. This class is not intended for those who know how to race.  

All vehicles MUST have exhaust system with mufflers. Street Legal tires OR Slicks are permitted. Drivers running an ET of 13.99 or quicker MUST have a helmet with a safety rating of SNELL 2010 or newer. ALL DRIVERS MUST HAVE PANTS and SHIRT (NO SHORTS OR TANK TOPS). Drivers MUST wear closed toed shoes, NO flip-flops or sandals allowed.  


Entry Fees: $20 for test & tune; $25 for a racing class; $12 for spectators/crew; $5 for children 6-10. 


Gates open at 5pm. Racing begins with the street classes at 6pm. Tech/Racer entry gate closes at 7:30pm. Racing typically lasts until 10pm so get there early for the most runs. 



STREET TROPHY - Intended for the amateur street racer who wants to learn about handicap racing with cars running an ET of 11.50 and slower.

-this is a non-points class

-trophy to winner and runner-up

-cannot be a points member in any Summit ET series


-Slicks are permitted

-non-electronic foot braking only

-handicapped start with dial-ins

-not intended for racers who have competed in previous years' points series or multiple races

SPORTSMAN ET (Street ) - For the racer who wishes to compete for prize money. Cars run 11.50 and slower

-drivers are permitted to be a points member in any other Summit ET series 

-mufflers mandatory

-Slicks permitted

-non-electronic, foot braking only

-handicapped start with dial-ins

-Participants do not have to be a points member to compete

-Those wishing to compete for points must sign up prior to first round of the race to receive points for that event.

-Points members have the opportunity to race for Team Lebanon Valley at the Summit ET Bracket Finals event in September

-Points members have the opportunity to receive awards and prize money at the end of the year banquet 

-Winner $175/Runner-Up $75/Semi's $25

STREET STICK - For any racer with a stick shift who wishes to have some equal action. Cars run 11.50 and slower. 

-non-electronic, foot braking only

-handicapped start with dial-ins

-trophies to the winner and runner-up

-Participants do not have to be a points member to compete. Those wishing to compete for points must sign up prior to first round of the race to receive points for that event.

PURE STREET MOTORCYCLE - For the street bike. Open to all who wish some handicap side by side action from beginners to advanced racers.

-Participants do not have to be a points member to compete; Those wishing to compete for points must sign up prior to first round of the race to receive points for that event. 

-Trophies to the winner and runner-up
-Mufflers, slicks are permitted
-Delay boxed prohibited


The Sunday ET Points Series allows bracket racers to square off for points and prize money. Participants will earn points towards a spot on Team Lebanon Valley at the annual Bracket Finals.


-Participants do not have to be a points member to compete; Those wishing to compete for points must sign up prior to first round of the race to receive points for that event. 

-All NHRA Rules Apply


Gates open at 8am, Racing begins with Junior Dragsters at 9:30am.

Racer Gate/Tech open until 11:30am for racer entry.


Spectators/Crew $12; Children 6-10 $5.


Test & Tune/License Runs/Single Runs/no times are $60


SUPER ELIMINATOR (Electronics class)

-Electronically equipped cars

-ET 6.50 to 11.99

ENTRY FEE: $70 (unless noted otherwise)

Payout begins with third round losers 


PRO ELIMINATOR (Non-Electronics class)

-Non-electronic class

-Line lock permitted

-Trans-brake permitted

-ET 8.50-13.99

ENTRY FEE: $55 (unless noted otherwise)

Payout begins with third round losers



-All bikes and sleds

-Delay boxes permitted

ENTRY FEE: $50 (unless noted otherwise)

Payout begins with third round losers



-One class for all

-Ages 8 to 17 years of age

-1/8 mile

-ET Dial restrictions by age class enforced


Trophy to winner & runner up. $100 to win/$50 to runner up



-No points

-No vehicles quicker than 9.99 or quicker than 135mph permitted

-Trophies to winner and runner-up

-Intended for the amateur racer, no points members permitted



Gamblers Races are held on Saturdays during test and tune, time and events permitting. 


Two Classes-

Super (BOX)

Pro (NO-BOX) Trans-brakes are permitted

$20 entry fee for regular Saturdays


Up to 16 cars... Winner 70%/Runner up 30% 

Over 16 Cars... Winner 60% Runner Up 20% Semi 10%/10%

*Note- there will be a 20% deduction from the intake to the track.

Sign up before 12 noon in tower office.

Racers participate in the test and tune session until called to lanes for one clean time run prior to elimination rounds. Pairings are random. 


Need to test a new setup? New a place to tune it up? Work on your reaction time? Or maybe just have some FUN? Saturday from April to October, we're open all day long to give drivers and teams a chance to work on their cars and skills.


Test and Tune is open to all vehicles, street cars, dragsters, slicks, street tires, mufflers, no mufflers, imports, motorcycles, sleds, quads, junior dragsters.

Choose your light- Pro, Sportsman, Handicap, 4/10, 5/10. Quarter Mile and Eighth Mile times. It's up to you. 

Want to run a single pass? Don't want your time displayed on the scoreboard? This is extra but can be done. (see below) You will receive your time slip with your quarter mile times and no one else will see them. 

Need to get your NHRA license? This is the time to make those passes required to submit for your licensing.


ALL NHRA RULES APPLY! No exceptions.

Drivers running an ET of 13.99 or quicker MUST have a helmet with a safety rating of SNELL 2010 or newer. ALL DRIVERS MUST HAVE PANTS and SHIRT (NO SHORTS OR TANK TOPS). Drivers MUST have close toed shoes, no flip-flops or sandals.  


Entry Fees: $35 for test & tune; $12 for spectators/crew; $5 for children 6-10. License runs/single runs/no time $60


Gates open at 8am; Racing begins at 9am; Racer gate/Tech open until 11:30am for racer entry; Racing typically ends by 5pm depending on the number of cars.


Bikes in the Valley sponsored by Orient Express Racing runs on Saturdays as indicated on the race schedule.

Rules for Street ET & Pro ET Classes:
- $65 Street and Pro ET classes includes your pit pass and your tech card
- NHRA Motorcycle Rules apply
- E.T. Bracket Racing Class run on a .500 full tree w/ True Start
- All Run Field, pairing by reaction time in time trial
- Points will be award to those who enter the points program.
- Point will be dropped from the two lowest points race, not including canceled races.
- Points payout at the end of the season for those who entered points
- One rider can only enter one bike per class
- One bike can only have one entry per class
- You can substitute bike ONLY before 1st round of eliminations
- Lane choice goes to the better qualifier throughout all the rounds
- No Scooters
- No Negative Post
- No Snivelers


M2 Shocks Street ET:
- Maximum Wheel base is 70" axle to axle
- No Wheelbase limit on 10 sec or slower V-Twin Motorcycles
- 2-steps (starting line rpm limiter) and delay boxes prohibited
- Clutch must be hand activated unless OEM.
- Sliders Prohibited
- Wheelie Bars are Prohibited
- DOT Street Tires only Permitted. No Slicks
- All Bikes must be self starting and drive back return road
- One tow back is allowed if bike broke on last pass
- Any Exhaust System excepted, no baffle needed
- Lane choice goes to the better qualifier throughout all the rounds

Vanson Leathers Pro ET:
- Snowmobiles are welcome
- Same Rules as NHRA Div 1 Motorcycle/Sled Rules
- .500 Full Tree Bracket Racing
- Delay Boxes Permitted

DME 9.2 Below:
- E.T. Bracket Racing Class run on a .400 pro tree true start
- Deep Staging is allowed at your own risk, starter will not hold the tree for staging deep
- 9.20 and quicker dial-in only
- Slicks and Wheelie Bars allowed
- Qualifying by quickest ET
- All Run field
- Snowmobiles are welcome
- $100 entry includes your pit pass and your tech card
- Point will be awarded if rider joins points program
- One rider can only enter one bike/sled in this class
- One bike/sled can only have one rider in this class
- You can substitute a broke machine before first round, but qualifying runs on broke machine won't count
- Lane choice goes to the better qualifier
- NHRA Div 1 Motorcycle/Sled Rules, track manager has final say
- No Delay Boxes

Bikes in the Valley 60” Challenge

-60” Max axle to axle with rider on bike

-Wheelbase is subject to measure before and after each pass

Weight Breaks:
Busa & ZX14
650 lbs Bike & Rider

1000cc Based Bikes
540 lbs Bike & Rider

Any Motor mods allowed
Gasoline Fuel only

Index (for Handicap purpose)
A= All Motor 9.00
N= Nitrous 8.50
T= Turbo 8.40

-Subject to change before or after each event
-Above Letter must be displayed in front Bike number and index recommended to display on bike

-Qualifying based on ET closes or under Index
-Pro Ladder based on qualifying

This is a all out class, run it out the back. No one will be Disqualified for running quicker than the index. Index is for starting line handicap purposes only.

.400 Pro Tree
-True Start if available
-Deep Staging allowed at your own risk (starter will not hold the tree)

-Bike and Rider must pass NHRA safety inspection conducted by each track and have NHRA license

-OEM frame, any mods allowed

-Stock appearing upper front fairing and Tail required. Must have working headlight and tail light

-2” Ground clearance, subject to check before and after each pass

-DOT Tires


Aftermarket slider clutches prohibited. Engine driven (MTC Gen II, Hayes, Rock, etc…) lockup clutches prohibited along with aftermarket slider clutches. Wheel driven lockup clutches will be allowed/legal.

Bike must be self starting.

All Bikes and Riders must drive directly to the line at the scale after every pass. No one can come in contact with bike or rider until weigh in is complete. Bike must be self started and driven off the scale under its own power. Once the Bike is driven off the scale, it can be shut down and towed back. If this isn’t done, the Pass is disallowed and Rider is Disqualified in elimination. If rider is disqualified in elimination, the opponent is reinstated as long the above is completed.

Please see NHRA rules. Must pass the tracks safety inspection. Bike is subject to inspection at anytime.

Post race inspection:
All Motor and Turbo Bikes are not allowed ANY nitrous components (i.e. nozzles, solenoids, bottles, nitrous lines etc.) on Bike whether it’s be used or not. Any Bikes receiving monies from purse or bonuses must pass post race inspection before receiving any money. If Rider/Bike does not pass inspection is subject to fines/suspension.

For more information please check out the Bikes in the Valley Facebook page HERE

Index Racing

2020 LVD Limited Street 5.50/6.50 RULES

32 x 14.50 Slicks / 325 Radial or any DOT tire
“Rule to be Enforced”
* FACTORY street type cars and trucks of foreign/domestic brands ALLOWED.
* Fiberglass hoods,fenders,bumpers,doors,and deck lids ALLOWED.
* Wheel tubs ALLOWED.
* Working headlights/taillights MANDATORY. (Fog lights will not suffice as a
* NO DRAGSTERS,ROADSTER or Center drive steer cars.
* Must be street appearing
* Full width A-Pillar to A-Pillar dash MANDATORY.
* Must have interior door panels.
* Race car lettering and decals ALLOWED on windows ONLY, not on body
panels (sponsor logos allowed)
* Lexan windows permitted.
* NO Bracket racing aids. Including throttle stops (electronic or pneumatic).
* NO Optical sensors.
* No Delay boxes
* The application or use of any device, mechanical or electronic that permit the
driver to ascertain the position of the other vehicle in relation to the starting
* Progressive nitrous controllers are allowed.
* NO electronic or air shifters, must manually shift in both classes.
* All cars MUST meet the NHRA safety requirements.
* ALL Drivers MUST wear the safety equipment required for desired ET.
* .500 Pro tree
* DEEP STAGING is Allowed.
* NO towing. All cars must make it to the lane and back to the pits under their
OWN power. Any towing or assisting in moving the car will be. AUTO DQ.
* One driver per car per class. No driver will be wheeling a car in both classes or
two cars in one class.
* It is YOUR responsibility to know who you’re racing AND to make it to the
lanes on time.
* RANDOM poker chip draw. NO LADDER
* Return to host pit area to draw for next round after your race.
* Report catastrophic failure if you are removing your car from rounds to prevent
multiple bye runs.
* If you have a BYE run, you are not eligible for another.
* BYE run must make a pass.
* Any discrepancies must be brought to track management.
* Courtesy staging is a MUST. A double bulb will result in the host attempting to
back you up. If you do not comply it will be an automatic DQ
* Lane choice will be decided by competitor agreement.
* Classes are a NON POINTS SERIES
* Sponsor logo decals will be provided upon your first race and must be visible
throughout the entire race of every race in the series.

Entry fee is $85.00

Pro Dial Rules

1. Pro Dial-all run field

2. .500 pro tree, dial your car, ¼ mile ET racing

3. Full bodied street appearing cars only

4. Mufflers mandatory except on turbo charged entries.Inserts are not mufflers.

5. Throttle stops/controllers, delay boxes/devices PROHIBITED

6. After market automatic shifters or shifting devices PERMITTED

7. Car & Driver must meet all NHRA & track safety rules

8. Deep staging allowed, but auto-start will be on at all times. Courtesy staging advised.

9. The bye car for first round will be the racer with the best reaction time in the final time run

Entry Fee $55.00


SUPER STREET - Super Street Racers compete on a fixed 10.90 index. All vehicles must be full-bodied cars and weigh no less than 2,800 pounds except for six-cylinder cars (2,000) and four-cylinder and rotary-powered cars (1,200). Engine and chassis modifications are virtually unlimited. For more information, click on the logos for each group below.

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