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Points Information

Every year racers have the opportunity to join the points program and race for special opportunities
Summit ET Points Members race for the opportunity to represent Team LV at the Bracket Finals in September; Points members representing Team LV will have their entry fee paid for.
Points members in the top positions receive cash prizes and awards at the annual banquet held in March. (Subject to Change)
            - Super Pro Top 10 cash 
            - Pro Top 10 cash
            - Motorcycle/Sled Top 5 cash
            - Junior Dragsters Top 5 cash 
            - Sportsman ET Top 5 cash 
            - BIV Pro Top 5 cash 
            - BIV Street Top 5 cash 
           - BIV 9.2 Below Top 5 cash 
            - Pure Street Motorcycle - Champion Award
            - Street Stick Champion Award
            - Junior Street Champion Award
Summit E.T. Points Classes
  • Super Eliminator

  • Pro Eliminator

  • Motorcycle/Sled

  • Sportsman ET

  • Junior Street

  • Junior Dragsters  (compete in their own finals event) 

Lebanon Valley Points Classes

  • Street Stick

  • Pure Street Motorcycle

  • Bikes In the Valley Street ET Drag Bike

  • Bikes In the Valley Pro ET Drag Bike

  • Bikes In the Valley 9.2 Below

  • Port-A-Tree Gamblers NoBox

  • Port-A-Tree Gamblers Box

Bracket Finals Team Information

The team will consist of a total of 38 Team Members plus one Junior Street representative. 


NHRA has designated the following per team:

7 Super/7 Pro/1 Motorcycle/1 Sportsman with 22 spots that the track can designate. 

Lebanon Valley's Team will be comprised of the following (Numbers may change depending on participation): 

14 Super

14 Pro

5 Motorcycle

5 Sportsman

1 Junior Street

-All members participating MUST have a valid NHRA membership and valid NHRA competition number.

-Anyone wishing to be considered for the team MUST indicate their desire by stopping in the office and indicating so prior to first round of the last day of points.

-Anyone indicating a maybe or has not stopped in to indicate their intentions will be considered a NO after first round on the final points race.

-If there is a rain out on the final points race, no phone calls will be made to anyone who has not stopped in the office to indicate their intent to go.

-Racers who qualify in more than one category will be limited to bringing one car/bike in one category with the exception of High School.

-Anyone who backs out of attending the finals will be responsible for reimbursing the track the entry fee.

The 2023 Northeast Division Summit ET Finals will be held at Numidia Dragway on September 20-24. The Track Operators have voted to make changes to Super Pro and Pro in that both categories will be contested in the 1/8 mile.

(8/9/2022) A Change in Sportsman and Bike/Sled from 1/4 mile to 1/8 mile was decided due to the lack of traction compound.

Super Pro ET Breaks will be 4.15 to 7.49 in the 1/8 Mile, while Pro ET Breaks will be 5.40 to 11.55 in the 1/8 Mile.

2024 Northeast Division Summit ET Finals will be held at Lebanon Valley Dragway

2025 Northeast Division Summit ET Finals will be held a Maple Grove Raceway


Every year, Junior Dragster and Junior Street racers have the opportunity to represent their track in a team event similar to the Bracket Finals in the adult divison. 

The top 9 junior dragsters will represent the team  with the top qualifier in points in the Junior Street division making up the final 10th place on the team. Other Junior Dragster racers and Junior Street racers may also attend but will not receive team points. 

Future Scheduled Events

2024 Numidia Dragway

2025 Lebanon Valley Dragway

2026 South Mountain Dragway

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