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The NODRAMA Recap theme this week... BACK TO BACK.

Richie DeGraaf Sr. wins the October 9, 2021 NODRAMA Race

As reported by Jason Heintz-

“With a repeat to the theme of the last NODRAMA event, Nice guys do finish first, and sometimes go... BACK TO BACK!

Taking the win again at NODRAMA event 15, Richie DeGraff Senior! With the win, Richie makes a solid move cracking into the Top 5 in points.

Britt Taylor brought the girl power with the Runner-up. With back to back NODRAMA champion Jeff Kraenzle going out in a rare first round exit, there's been a flip flop at the top.

Headed into the final event of the 2021 NODRAMA Season, Britt holds the top spot and Jeff at the number 2.

The real drama in NODRAMA is the on-the-record "bet" that Screamin' Bob Seaman was done for with his recent late season catastrophic engine failure. A gentleman wager with Captain America Dan Munsell in on the board. We are all about racers helping racers. Member and all around great supporter of the sport Jim Vignogna, loaned Bob a "street" engine to keep him in the hunt. With his event #15 performance, Bob Seaman has cracked the Top10.

The "bet" is in Bob's hands now coming into the season-ender.

Stay tuned!....

Next up, final 2021 event #16 October 23rd."

NODRAMA Runner Up Britt Taylor and Winner Richie DeGraff Sr.


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