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Street Night Beats out Mother Nature

The sun was shining over the Valley for Street Night

Some days you just can't trust the weather forecast for the Valley. For an entire week it was forecasted that Wednesday, May 8, 2024 was going to be a wash. Well, guess what? It wasn't and a full night of racing was accomplished crowning winners in all four racing categories.

Jean Guy Couture, winner of Sportsman ET

The Sportsman ET class saw a new winner with the return of Jean Guy Courture of Manchester, CT when he defeated the birthday boy, Wayde Horton of Sand Lake, NY in the final. James Ferrara Ganesvoort, NY finished in the semi-finals.

The Street Trophy class was won by Anthony DePasquale of Valatie, NY when he defeated Rodney Humisten, Jr of Fort Edward, NY. Gary Daury was defeated in the semi-finals.

Street Stick winner Marc Faucher and runner up John Orloff.

The Street Stick class was won by Marc Faucher of Cheshire, MA when he defeated John Orloff of Northville, NY. Steven West and Dan Murphy were defeated in the semi-finals.

And the winner is.... the puppies!!! Duke with Duke for the win in Pure Street Motorcycle with Guy Gardner runner up.

The Pure Street Motorcycle class was won by Duke Huyck of Valatie, NY when defeated Guy Gardner of Stuyvesant, NY. Chris Cunningham was defeated in the semi-finals.

Join us next Wednesday for week 3 of the street nights. Gates open at 5pm with time trials beginning at 6:00pm. Food is available at the concession stands so no sorry about missing dinner.

Pure Street Motorcycle

W: Duke Huyck ('07 Kawasaki) 9.071 - 144.70 (9.06 dial)

R/U: Guy Gardner ('12 Kawasaki) 9.437 - 144.84 (9.42 dial)

Semi 1: Chris Cunningham

Street Trophy

W: Anthony DePasquale ('15 Dodge) 12.406 - 110.48 (12.40 dial)

R/U: Rodney Humisten Jr ('00 Chevy) 12.604 - 107.97 (12.64 dial)

Semi 1: Gary Daury

Street Stick

W: Marc Faucher ('73 Chevy) 12.487 - 109.51 (12.30 dial)

R/U: John Orloff ('11 Chevy) 12.687 - 99.27 (12.75 dial)

Semi 1: Steven West

Semi 2: Dan Murphy


W: Jean-Guy Couture ('78 Plymouth) 11.789 - 111.95 (11.73 dial)

R/U: Wayde Horton ('67 Chevy) 12.484 - 102.82 (12.50 dial)

Semi 1: James Ferrara


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