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Report from NODRAMA Race #8 and Saturday 1/8 Mile Gamblers

Bob Christo, winner and Ritchie DeGraff, runner up in NODRAMA

Jason Heintz reported that NODRAMA rolled into town again Saturday, August 27, 2022 for Event #8 of their exclusive to Lebanon Valley Dragway 13 Event season. With Jeff 'The King' Kraenzle going out early, and Sean Eliason having major parts failure in 2nd time trial, the top spots were wide open for a points shell game. With a club record of 39 NODRAMA entries on the ladder, a long day was ahead.

Congratulations to long timer but first time NODRAMA winner 'Buick' Bob Christo taking the win after a grueling 6 round day. After we nicknamed another first time winner last week in Ritchie Evan DeGraff Jr, here comes the Dad with another deep round finish. 'The Nice Guy', Ritchie Degraff Sr went deep again taking the runner-up honors. With those 5 rounds, Ritchie Senior make another move up to the #2 spot, moving Sean Eliason down to 4th. While quietly in the background making the moves (not a secret any more) Andre Holhoch has inched his way into the Top 3.

Next up is Event #9 Labor Day weekend, Saturday 9/3.

Jim Schmidbauer, winner of Non Electronic 1/8 Mile Gamblers

Another Saturday with 1/8 mile gamblers races in Non-Electronic and Electronic hit another large car count in both categories as drivers prepare for the bracket finals in September.

Jim Schmidbauer of Albany, NY defeated George McGuigan, Jr. of East Hampton, CT in the final of the non-electronic gamblers. Michael Bloch of East Hampton, CT and Russ Wilber of Ghent, NY lost in the semi's.

Shawn Nichols of Marlborough, CT defeated Dayna Sawchyn of Norwich, CT in the final of the electronic gamblers. Justin Bruso and Abbey Beecher lost in the semi's.

The final 1/8 mile gamblers will be held on Saturday, September 17 in final preparation for the bracket finals to be held at Maple Grove Dragway September 22-24, 2022.


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