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Orient Express Bikes in the Valley Final Race Determines 2021 Champions

Bob Bradley and Adam Sheran celebrating their winning ways at the final Bikes In The Valley race of the 2021 season

October 16, 2021- The Lebanon Valley weather vortex did it again. When the weatherman said that there may be little chance of racing, he didn't count on the valley holding the sunshine until racing was completed, allowing for the final race of the Orient Express Bikes in the Valley to run a full card of racing and crown the 2021 champions in all the classes.

Bob Bradley from Fort Edward, NY dominated the day by winning two classes and two championships. Bradley found himself in the final round against Floyd Appleby in the RPS Manufacturing M2 Shocks Street ET class where Bradley took the win, crowning him the champion of the class.

The second class, MPS Motorcycle Performance Specialties Pro ET Class came down the final round to determine the championship which could have gone several different ways. Bradley once again found himself in the final where a win would put him on top. Jeff Tisdale did his best to thwart Bradley's chance, but came up short giving Bradley both the win in the class and enough points to be crowned champion in the Pro ET Class.

Adam Sheran of Chester, MA put the final stamp on the 2021 season when he found himself in the final against Guy Gardner in the Schnitz Racing 9.2 Below class. Sheran took the win and clenched the 2021 Championship in the category.

Congratulations to all!


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