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NODRAMA Event #11 Results

Bob Seaman, winner of NODRAMA. Shane Shahinian, Runner Up.

Jason Heintz reported the following about this weekend's NODRAMA race- Saturday, September 24, 2022- The event within the Dover Reunion event is always a great time. Dino Lawrence puts together one hell of a show.

Another 6 round day, another string of position battles, another shake up of the standings. Coming out on top, well over 2 years since seeing the winner's circle, The Meme Champion of the World, The People's Champion, Screamin' Bob Seaman took the win! A familiar face took another runner-up, Shane Shahinian.

Bob Seaman, winner of NODRAMA

With this 6 round win, Bob Seaman made a much needed late season charge towards the top with a 3 spot move up. The current tie for the top spot between Andre Hohloch and 2x Champ Jeff Kraenzle stays locked up as both made a 2nd round exit.

Next up is event #12 on October 8th, with the final 2022 season event coming up October 22nd. With four racers at the top all in contention to take the 2022 crown, and the Top10 getting shaken up every event, this one will come down to the wire.

Stay tuned and we'll see you soon.


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