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Mother Nature Finally Cooperates at "The Valley" for the NHRA Div 1 Junior Championship Race

Three days of fantastic weather was the background for the NHRA Division 1 Junior Drag Racing Divisional event sponsored by Micro Strategies Technology Solutions Business Results, Craw's Racing, Half Scale Dragsters, and Z-1 Racing Supplies that occurred Thursday, August 5 through Saturday, August 6, 2021 at Lebanon Valley Dragway, West Lebanon, NY. Young racers from the age of 6 to 17, from 9 different tracks in the NHRA Northeast Division, convened to contest Division 1's coveted bracket race for Junior Dragsters and Junior Street competition.

Gamblers races and practice runs started the event on Thursday and continued on Friday with the Race of Champions concluding the race day, before the racers and families were treated to a pizza party and a Port-A-Tree practice tree race at the speedway's club house sponsored by K.B. Performance.

Saturday concluded the racing event with highly contested races in the 6-9 age category, 10-12 age category, 13-14 age category, 15+ age category and the Junior Street category. The Track Championsip Award, which is determined by points being awarded to each racer in the top 10 of their track's roster one point for every round won, went to New England Dragway, Epping, New Hampshire, who edged out Island Dragway, Great Meadows, New Jersey, by one point. The track championship finish was as follows:

New England Dragway 12

Island Dragway 11

Cecil County Dragway 10

Numidia Dragway 10

Lebanon Valley Dragway 8

Mason Dixon Dragway 6

Atco Dragway 3

South Mountain 2

Maple Grove Dragway 1

The results of each race division, per race day are as follows:

Thursday Gamblers Race age 13-17

Thursday Gamblers Race Age 6-12

Thursday Junior Street Gamblers

Thursday 330' Outlaw


Friday Race of Champions

Friday Junior Street Gamblers

Friday Junior Age 6-12 Gamblers

Friday, Junior Age 13-17 Gamblers


Saturday JDRL Division 1 Race Ages 6-9

Saturday JDRL Division 1 Race Ages 10-12

Saturday JDRL Division 1 Ages 13-14

Saturday JDRL Division 1 Ages 15-17

Saturday Division 1 Junior Street

Saturday Junior Street Consolation Race

Saturday Junior Dragster Consolation Race


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