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Gamblers Race Results from July 22 & July 23, 2022

Niholas Merryman, Friday Runner up of No Box Gamblers and Saturday winner of No Box Gamblers

On a weekend that most would have stayed home near the pool or in the house in the air conditions, many drag racing warriors took on the heat and came out to race. Thank you for all those who endured and came out on one of the hottest weekends in recent history.

Here are Friday, July 22, 2022 results of the gamblers races.

Saturday did not disappoint with the gamblers races, East Coast Gassers and Super Street. Once again, racers endured the heat and humidity and the track made every attempt at keeping the racer's exposure to the heat at a minimum in their cars. Here are the results from Saturday, July 23, 2022.

Keith Lauzier, winner of Electronic Gamblers

Tom DiNunzio, runner up of East Coast Gassers

Wil Beach, runner up of Super Street

Kyle Torres, winner of East Coast Gassers


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