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Final Wednesday Street Night for 2021 In the Books

Duke Huyck, winner of the finall Pure Street Motorcycle race of the 2021 season.

Wednesday, September 22, 2021 was the final Wednesday night street night for the 2021 season. On a night that the weather report was once again iffy, the Lebanon Valley Weather Vortex kicked in and spread the threatening showers to the east and west of the track permitting all in attendance to get in one last night of competition and testing.

All classes competed including Trophy, Street Stick, Pure Street Motorcycle and Sportsman. The Sportsman class was competing for a one of a kind New York State Championship trophy and it came down to the battle of the wagons with Wayde Horton, Russ Wilber and Nelson Belot, Jr. in the semis. Belot Jr. earned the bye to the finals and was matched up by long time competitor Russ Wilber. Wilber broke out in the final handing the win over to Belot Jr.

Long time competitors Don Drake and Duke Huyck in Pure Street Motorcycle met up in the final round after Drake defeated Bob Bradley in the semi. A reaction time advantage helped Huyck see his final victory on Street Night.

A special thanks to Team Assman and the Farm Truck for kicking in some extra love to the Street Stick class on the final night. Marc Faucher defeated Colby Pitcher when Pitcher turned on the red light with a -.001.

Finally the trophy class saw the battle of the Joe's when Joe Wilkinson defeated Joe Marino in the final.

Thank you to all who have attended and supported the Wednesday Street Nights this year. Join us on Saturdays and Sundays through October for some more great racing action.

The results from the night are as follows:


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