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New NHRA 2019 Rules

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

Changes include name reclassification and tire updates

At the recently held NHRA track operators meeting, Division One track owners and operators voted on several rule changes to bring consistently throughout the divisions. The following rules will be followed at Lebanon Valley Dragway and by Division One at the Bracket Finals:

- Street ET will now be referred to as Sportsman ET. Slicks will now be permitted. Mufflers are still mandatory. - Slicks and Street tires are now permitted in our Wednesday night program, including test and tune. - Pro Eliminator will be a NO delay device class. Electronic ignition is permitted. Four wheel line-locs are permitted but wiring must be direct and traceable. Nitrous must be activated by driver switch or wide open throttle switch, single stage only, no timers. Electronics are expressly forbidden but not limited to: data recorders, electronics throttle stops and delay devices.

This now means that transbrakes are permitted.

To Simplify...

Computer – Prohibited unless OEM

Data Recorder – Prohibited

Delay Device – Prohibited

Trans Brake – Permitted – Release must be a direct result of Driver release of a button. See General Regs 8:2 and 8:3.

Line-Loc – 4 Wheel Line Loc permitted

Automated Shifter – Permitted

Throttle Timers/Counters – Prohibited

Ignition – Stutter box prohibited, 2-Step Permitted, Down track RPM limiters prohibited

Switches/Buttons – Must be NHRA Accepted trans brake release – see for accepted products list.

Motorcycle Eliminator: The use of delay boxes are now permitted in the Sunday eliminator class.



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