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Doc Z's Albany Shakedown Shootout Report

“It’s a wrap for the 9th Albany Shakedown Shootout. We had some serious racing with many rounds won on the tree and several underdogs making rounds… was a great race. Thanks to all who supported it….every year I swear it’s the last one due to the aggravation of organizing it and afterwards, it’s so much fun I plan on doing it again. We had a good pot with $3450 for the Big Tire class…..won by Ray DeAngelis in his TT 90 convertible Camaro….an extra &100 was donated by Bro D (Lynn Johnson) and Alphredo Porfilio……..and $3350 for Small Tire won by Alphredo (Aandjporfilio Landscape Contractors) who also donated an extra $100 for that class.

Ray was also the overall winner over Alphredo who had him covered but lost traction mid track costing him the overall win. Congrats to Kyle Beswick wheeling Chris Kornacki’s car to the ST finals with no test hits and putting one of the heaviest hitters Eric Kusminsky on the trailer with a first round call out.

Also congrats to Wayne Silva in that killer Ranchero (that used to haul chickens) for putting up a hell of a fight against Ray. Special thanks to Dan Quinn for helping with the cruise and Wayne Delmonte for allowing my event to be held at LVD.” ~Doc Z



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