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Doc Z's 10th Annual Albany Shakedown Shootout Results

Doc Z reported the following about the Annual Albany Shakedown which was held on Saturday, October 8, 2022.

“The 10th Annual Albany Shakedown Shootout was a success and one of the best ones ever. This is the first year I heard NO complaining...about anything. Everyone just wanted to race and have fun. I saw a lot of good sportsmanship too...from racers who offered to run someone who missed the chip draw, Noah Stein, to racers who waited for their competitors to get their car fixed, Scott Dickinson.

Scott Dickinson, Big Tire winner.

It was a great time with lots of close races and some heavy hitters going out unexpectedly. The Big Tire final was Scott Dickinson in the beautiful Procharged Challenger and Chris Little in the badass ‘69 Nova that has come a long way. Chris spun a bit off the line which was enough to give Scott the win.

Noah Stein, Small Tire Winner and the BT/ST Final Winner.

The Small Tire Finals was between Pauly Coppola and Noah Stein and it was a race right to the end with Noah squeaking out the win while Pauly was right there on his bumper.

The BT/ST final run for the purse was Noah vs Scott who were very closely matched. Scott got out of the groove halfway down and managed to save the car from the wall while Noah took the stripe to take home $2800 while Scott got $2K for runner up.

Tribute run to fallen friends and racers.

A very successful day including a tribute to our fallen friends and racers.... Dave Browe, Pasquile Vitetta (PV Sr.) and Mike Coonradt... hope you guys were watching from above…..we miss you.

Thank you all for your help from Dan Quinn, Justin McCall and wife for the cruise checkpoint and everyone else who made this possible. I thank everyone for supporting this event especially Wayne Delmonte and the LVD crew for outstanding track conditions.



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