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All Star Stock/Super Stock Shootout, NESSA and Gamblers Top Saturday Races

Sammy Alleshouse, winner of Non-Electronic Gamblers

On Saturday, September 10, 2022, the Valley was visited by the All-Star Stock Super Stock Association for their All Star Shootout which was to be day one of a two day weekend race. Unfortunately, Sunday's races were eventually rained out when constant sprinkles haunted the track and wouldn't let up.

Jim Whitehead, winner of All Star Shootout

ASRA reported on their Facebook page, "Congrats to Jim Whitehead for winning the 2022 ASRA Shootout! Jim was 0.000 in the final to take the victory over Todd Bednaz. Dan Lynch and TJ Boucher were semi-finalists.

Thanks again to Tim Stickles and Gutters By Design for sponsoring the event.

In the gamblers race it was Bill Pomponi over Cory Menard. Bill Arpine was the lone semi-finalist."

The North East Super Street Association held their second to last race on Saturday. Shawn Nichols of Marlborough, CT defeated Mike Falcone of Wolcott, CT in the final round with Karyl Bell of West Sand Lake, NY finishing in the semi-finals.

The Non-Electronic gamblers race was won by Sammy Alleshouse of Greenwich, NY when he defeated Scott Wrzesien in the final. Michael Bloch of East Hampton, CT lost in the semi-finals.

The Electronic gamblers race was won by Mike Rogers of Albany, NY when he defeated Dana Bochan of East Hamton, CT in the final. Dominick Dinault of Somers, CT was defeated in the semi-finals.


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