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2024 Opening Weekend Results at Lebanon Valley Dragway

The first full weekend of drag racing was jammed packed with great side by side racing action at Lebanon Valley.

Friday, April 26 began the season's Friday track rentals with a great turnout. Racers got to test their cars on a fully prepped track at their own pace. Most of the Friday events are open to all racers, giving them five hours to make changes and get that ever important seat time. Keep an eye on the schedule as there are test sessions almost every Friday through October.

Saturday was the first test and tune Saturday and hosted the first outings at the Valley for NODRAMA and SuperCars as well as a quarter-mile gamblers race in both electronics and non-electronics.

Yes, Grant. The new winner circle is in progress. He'll be back when it's finished. We are sure of that.

Some familiar names, Grant Nichols defeated Jamie Dymond in the final of Electronics with Mike Bloch finishing in the semi-finals. Mike Saccone defeated Rodney Humisten in the final of Non-Electronics with TJ Gennett finishing in the semi-finals.

Sunday unfortunately was rain shortened towards the end of the day and the gamblers races were paid out where they ended after first round.

Thanks to Jason Heintz of the Northeast Old Drag Racers And Musclecar Association, we have a full report from their first event of the 2024 season.

"Surpise, Surprise, Surprise....

Season Kick-off weekend and Event 1 results.

The 2024 NODRAMA season officially kicked off this weekend, and what a show it was. 45 members in attendance with 43 ultimately making the ladder. Tons of regular names and salty NODRAMA veterans putting all the winter garage work on the track to see if all the long nights would pay off. The word is out with NODRAMA. Tons of new members on the board for 2024.

The 1st surprises of the day saw 3 past champions having their issues early and before the day even got rolling.

2022 Champ Ritchie Degraff Sr making the greatest off-season comeback of all time, suffered a trailer rig incident on the way to Lebanon Valley and was unable to get the vehicle to the track. Still managed to be in the pits rooting on his favorites. We know who his favorite is. We'll circle back to that. 2-time NODRAMA Champ King Jeff Kraenzle had an ultra rare early first round exit along with our 2023 Champion, Back to Back Jungle Jack Becker, who also got put on the trailer early by Art Matatt. Legacy racer and NODRAMA rising star Aaron Matatt also with a deep round day. With 6 rounds ahead to victory, the season opener was anyone's for the taking.

In the finals, we saw 2022 NODRAMA Young Gun award winner Ritchie Evan Degraff vs the Silent Assassin Randy Juliani.

For the win.... Randy Juliani! Been a while since we've seen Randy make it to the winner's circle.

Be on the lookout for Randy J taking his winning Super Bee back on the road to the Iron Man of all drag racing events, the legendary HOT ROD Drag Week 2024. 5 Tracks in 5 days while DRIVING the entered car on ALL 1000 miles. Stay tuned...

NODRAMA returns to Lebanon Valley Dragway for Event 2 on May 11. See you all soon and cheers to 2024!"

Race Date: 04/27/2024

Electronic Gamblers

W: Grant Nichols ('01 C&F) 8.230 - 152.98 (8.21 dial)

R/U: Jamie Dymond ('99 Undercover) 7.398 - 180.96 (7.37 dial)

Semi 1: Mike Bloch

Non-Electronic Gamblers

W: Mike Saccone ('67 Ford) 12.942 - 105.03 (12.97 dial)

R/U: Rodney Humisten ('78 Chevy) 11.645 - 112.18 (11.68 dial)

Semi 1: TJ Gennett


W: Randy Juliani ('66 Dodge) 11.520 - 115.87 (11.50 dial)

R/U: Ritchie Degraff ('71 Dodge) 11.252 - 119.08 (11.28 dial)

Semi 1: Kurt Burns


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