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Saturday NODRAMA Hits Record Entries

On Satuday, September 3, 2022 in preparation for Musclemania, many racers showed up to test their cars, participate in SuperCars, join in one of the gamblers races and jump in one of the biggest NODRAMA fields to date.

Jason Heintz, aka Dr Jay reported the following: "2022, the racing season that is putting NODRAMA on the map. A long time to get here but the word is out. Another record breaker on the ladder with 41! This race had another meaning. All the NODRAMA racers, crew, family and friends, came prepared to show support following the tragic loss of the great Neil VanZile.

Neil was a HUGE supporter of all things NODRAMA, and a friend to everyone at Lebanon Valley Dragway. Custom tribute stickers were whipped up in the zero hour compliments of NODRAMA'S own Neil "Wizeguy' Zimbaldi and Chris 'Coronel' Sanders to be proudly dispayed. RIP Neil VZ, you will be missed.

Another 6 round day but this time, the racing Gods were being friendly to everyone. No breakdowns, no parts failures, and No Drama until.... The finals.

Last week's winner Bob Christo, rolled through the ladder into another Finals appearance. This time vs veteran NODRAMA racer Andre Hohloch. Bob rolled into the staging lanes upon hearing the call to the lanes, for final prep before the final pass. Bob was greeted with a flat tire at the worst time. Andre gave him all the time he needed and a frantic team Christo and many group members tried to inflate the tire for one more pass. But, the clock waits for nobody. Track management came down, made the inspection and the ultimate call that Bob could not safely make the run. After a gentleman's blessing from Bob, Andre Hohloch made a solo final pass for the win. Showing the ultimate return of sportsmanship, Andre did a NODRAMA pot split with Bob. That is what our sport is all about. With the 6 round win, the Top3 is left unchanged but 'The King' Jeff Kraenzle's lead just got a whole lot smaller. The 2022 top spot is still very much anyone's for the taking. Next up for NODRAMA, Event 10 on 9/17."



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