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NODRAMA Closes Out the 2022 Season with Event #13, Degraff Crowned Champion

As reported by Jason Heintz aka DrJay, 34 racers on the board meant a 6 round day and the crown was mathematically up for grabs. Leading the points heading into the final event was 2X Champion Jeff Kraenzle (345), followed by Andre Hohloch (325), and still in it was Ritchie DeGraff (315). The remaining racers in the Top 10 were all ready to make their final moves.

First round action saw Andre Hohloch on one side of the ladder while Jeff Kraenzle and Ritchie DeGraff Sr. were on the other. And then... in rare fashion, Andre Hohloch gets taken out 1st round by last week's winner Bob Christo, giving Andre Hohloch 10 points for the 1st round loss for a season finale total of 335 Points.

Next up, and the crowd goes wild with confused emotions to what they just witnessed, Jeff Kraenzle also takes a first round loss at the hands of Drew Fisher. Leaving Jeff still at the top for the moment, with a season total of 355 points. Sounds like #1 and # 2 are locked up right? You would be wrong. The stage is set. Mr. Nice guy, Ritchie DeGraff Sr knows what has to be done. Go to work, win 4 rounds and the 2022 Championship is his.

1st Round - Win

2nd Round - Win

3rd Round - Win


In the NODRAMA HQ Trailer, we have a bye on the board. Always given to the person that had the best reaction time in the previous round.

We go around the room for the remaining racers to call out their R/T's. 060 something, 030 something, 020 something.

From the corner of the trailer we hear the sound of something brewing. A muffled cheer from the DeGraff family in attendance.

Ritchie calmly presents his time slip showing an .014 reaction. The bye was his and so was the 2022 Championship!

But wait, there's more.

4th Round - Bye Win

5th Round - Win

Ritchie DeGraff Sr, 2022 NODRAMA Champion

On to the finals and Bill Smith. Bill has a dial of 11.89 vs Ritchie 10.32. Down comes the tree with Bill cutting an 045 followed by Ritchie dropping another 028.

60ft, 330, 660, 1000, and at the stripe...

6th Round and Final WIN!

Ritchie DeGraff Sr takes the win, with a 10.32 on a 10.32 to Bill Smith's 11.91 on his 11.89. The crowd goes wild!

The Lebanon Valley Winner's circle was pandemonium as Ritchie and Bill made their way. Hugs, high fives, cheers, and tears from everyone.

We could not have closed out 2022 any better.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, I am so honored and proud to announce your 2022 NODRAMA Champion - Ritchie DeGraff Senior.

We'll see you all in 2023 - DrJay Jason Heintz

A huge thank you to Jason Heintz for the race updates and to Lisa Bolden for the great photos~ Sue Bell



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