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Nichols Family Recovery Fund

As the final race of the 2019 racing season ended in rain on Sunday, October 20,  the Nichols family was transporting their mustang and dragster in two of their trailers home for the season towed by their two family vehicles. They didn't get far from the track when the worst imaginable occurred. They experienced an accident involving both of their tow vehicles and trailers when one of them experienced transmission issues and tried to pull to the side of the road. 

Unfortunately, this resulted in the total loss of both their family's vehicles and some damage to the trailers. Jenna, who was riding in the back seat was injured and had to be taken to an area hospital via ambulance where she received care for cuts and bruises. Fortunately, she was released later that night to recover at home. Not a way that one would want to celebrate their 13th birthday week.  Their fifteen year old dog, Shelby, also sustained some injuries during the accident. 

With the help of the family of racers who were on their way home or in the area, both trailers were recovered and carefully returned to the track. With the priority being on Jenna's well-being a quick check of the trailers did show some damage to the race cars within the trailers but only time will tell when they can be better inspected.

The two family trucks however are a total loss leaving the family with no vehicles.

Anyone who has been to Lebanon Valley Dragway knows that the Nichols family spends every weekend at the track and have been members of the dragway family for years. This unfortunate accident is devastating for the family.

Their extended family at Lebanon Valley has started this Go-Fund Me to help get the family back on their feet and to help cover expenses that they are now incurring as a result.  



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