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NESSA Finishes the 2022 Season, NODRAMA Sees Back to Back Winner, BIV and Deisels Complete the Day

Shawn Nichols, winner of Super Street and 2022 Champion.

Talk about one long day of racing that saw more excitement in one day than we have in an entire weekend. Thanks to all the racers for their patience and dedication as we dealt with thrills, chills and spills.

The Northeast Super Street Association held their final race of the 2022 season with Shawn Nichols of Marlborough, CT not only winning in the final over William Blaker III of New Rochelle, NY but also taking the points championship for the 2022 Season. Laura LeQue of Troy, NY finished in the semi-finals.

The deisel trucks took to the track and in the ET Bracket Pickup category, Eric Snow of Newington, CT defeated Zach Tucan of Taunton, MA with Ryan Shine of Argyle, NY finishing in the semi-finals.

Jeff Tisdale, Winner of Bikes in the Valley Pro ET

The Orient Express Bikes in the Valley held their next to last points race. Sean Gore of Hampden, MA defeated Kevin Manchester of Winsted, CT with Ryan Beardsley of Derby, CT finishing in the semi-finals of the 9.2 Below class.

Bob Bradley of Fort Edward, NY defeated Scott Briggs of Johnsonville, NY with Duke Huyck of Valatie, NY and Sean Gore of Hampden, MA finishing in the semi-finals of the Street ET Bike class.

Jeff Tisdale of Glastonbury, CT defeated Ron Blake of Oxford, CT in the final of Pro ET Bikes with Kim Kiniry of Saugerties, NY and Bob Bradley of Fort Edward, NY finishing in the semi-finals.

In the special eighth mile gamblers races, Jim Palmer defeated Nelson Belot in the finals of Electronic with Neil Jamieson finishing in the semi-final and Nelson Belot Sr defeated Scott Beecher in the final of Non-Electronic with Christopher Cuevas finishing in the semis.

Andre Hohloch, Winner and Runner up Bill Smith of NODRAMA

The NODRAMA report from Dr. Jay- "Back to Back is the phrase that pays. Taking the win at event #10, Andre Hohloch and runner-up Bill Smith.

Andre made a two position move to the top spot to tie it up with 2-Time Champ Jeff "The King" Kraenzle.

Event #11 is up next this Saturday 9/24. The event within the amazing Dover Reunion event.

With 3 events to go in the 2022 NODRAMA season, it's still is way too early to crown the next Champ."



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