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Friday & Saturday Were Busy with 1/8 Mile Racing at LVD

Denny Boyle, winner of non-electronic gamblers

Friday, August 11, 2023 was an extremely busy day at Lebanon Valley Dragway. The first Friday in a long time that wasn't riddled with rain and thunderstorms was jam packed with all sorts of racing. A track rental during the day to an open test and tune with 1/8 mile gamblers races at night gave racers plenty of opportunity run down the track. In between, racers could watch drifting which occurs in the parking area between the pit area of the dragway and the Speedway clubhouse.

In the 1/8 Mile Non-Electronic Gamblers, Denis Boyle of Red Hook, NY defeated Rodney Humisten of Fort Edard, NY. John Tomczak of Colchester, CT and Bruce Staples of Stephentown, NY lost in the semi-finals.

In the 1/8 Mile Electronic Gamblers, Jeff Tisdale of Glastonbury, CT defeated Neil Jamieson in the final. John Ringuette of North Attleboro, MA and Wil Beach of Patterson, NY lost in the semi-finals.

Laura LeQue, winner of Super Street

Saturday, August 12, 2023 continued the fun and action first thing in the morning with Port-a-Tree 1/8 mile gamblers races, Northeast Super Street day, one of a two race weekend and Super Comp. With the exception of the weather shortening the day and not completing the gamblers races, Super Comp and Super Street held their finals.

Laura LeQue of Troy, NY won the Northeast Super Street race over Mike Falcone of Wolcott, CT. Kenny Edgar of Enfield, CT and William Blaker III of New Rochelle, NY lost in the semi-finals.

Tom Couture of Enfield, CT won the Super Comp race over Lewi Benea of Windsor Lock, CT.

In the Port-A- Tree 1/8 Mile Non-Electronic Gamblers Race, the race was down to the final round between Pete Bushnell and Dan Cassie. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans and the race was ended at the final.

The Port-A-Tree 1/8 Mile Electronic Gamblers Race, the race ended with the final three racers going into the semi-finals. John Ringuette was slated for the single bye run into the final and the next race would have paired Jenna Nichols and Jamie Dymond for the other spot in the final. This too ended at this point due to the rain.



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