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Final Weekend at the Valley of Speed Crowns Junior Ghouls and NODRAMA Champ

Once again the weather at Lebanon Valley gave a 50/50 weekend with Saturday, October 28, 2023 getting all the races in and Sunday, which was to be the final day being cancelled due to the "R" word that has threatened the season. The Junior Dragster Halloween Havoc brought families from all over the northeast to race in two races and a special added Junior Street race was held. NODRAMA (Northeast Old Drag Racers and Musclecar Association) met for their final added points race to crown their 2023 Champion at the end of the day. In addition, racers had the opportunity to race in a non-electronic and electronic gamblers race on the quarter mile.

The Halloween Havoc Junior Dragster Race was two races, the main race and a consi/gamblers race. Riley Coles of Methuen, MA defeated Aubrey Bron of Ware, MA in the final of the 6-12 age group. Makenna Mason of Northboro, MA finished in the semi-finals.

In the Halloween Havov Junior Race ages 13-16, Gavin Roth of Danielsville, PA defeated Francis Vignola of Mahwah, NJ in the final. Nathan Gray of New Milford, CT and Mason Spinelli of Cohoes, NY finished in the semi-finals.

Haley Powers of Hampden, MA defeated Lucas Verenini of Albany, NY in the final race of Junior Street for the season.

Zach Zibella won the second chance junior dragster gamblers race putting a gret finish to his junior dragster career.

In the Non-Electronic quarter mile gamblers race, Brad Boswell defeated Kurt Burns of Salt Point, NY in the final. Chris Lofgren of Schuylerville, NY and Chris Thorpe of Granville, NY finished in the semi-finals.

TJ Gennett finished the year with a win in the final of the Electronic Gamblers when he defeated Jeff Tisdale. Jeff Andrews finished in the semi-finals.

Andre Hohloch won the final race of NODRAMA for 2023 when he defeated Bob Seaman. After a day of racing, Jack Becker was crowned the points champion for 2023.

Congratulations to one and all on a great 2023 season. Thank you all for your patronage and suppprt. See you all in 2024!



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