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Final Summit ET Points Race Results at The Valley of Speed for 2021

Over 90 cars competed in each of the ET Eliminators in what was to be an exciting day of side by side action on Sunday, August 29, 2021. It was a day that started with some points battles that would be nail biters right to the end in determining the final point standings in each of the Summit ET Series. Congratulations to the winners!

In Super Pro, Gary Carbone not only won the event when he defeated Ray Stanton in the final round, he also jumped into the points lead to take the Championship over Dave Pilbin.

In Pro Eliminator, Ron Morehead defeated Rob Giroux in the final. Shawn Nichols was crowned champion in that class.

In Motorcycle Eliminator, Ron Blake closed the deal on his championship and tried to top it with a win, but was defeated in the final by Andre Roche.

Junior Dragster racer Jenna Nichols closed the deal on her championship bid with a win on the day when she defeated Kimberlee Snell in the final.

Junior Street racer Elizabeth Pilbin won the day's race when she defeated Zach Strobel in the final. Spencer Jasmin was crowned champion in this new class.

In Open Trophy, John Kane defeated former Junior Dragster racer Ben DeYoung in the final.

Here are the round by round resuts for all the classes:



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