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Buicks, Prostock Sleds, NODRAMA and Gamblers Get Their Races Done

Under the threat of rain showers around the Albany area, Saturday, June 8, 2024 was one of those days where it rained everywhere by in the Valley. The day although blanketed by clouds and a breeze went off and finished the races just in time for the circle track to start their events for the evening.

The Buick Club held their meet. Bob Christo of Monroe, CT took the win over Paul Cassidy of Altamont, NY. Will Lanier, Jr of Glen Cove, NY and Chris Dedura of Trumbull, CT finished in the semi finals. Brian Cotton of Agawam, MA won the Buick Turbo class when he defeated Melissa Merritt in the final.

The Northeast Prostock Sleds raced at The Valley for the second time this season. Walter Joy of Northwood, NH defeated Ronny Aylward of Farmington, NH in the final of the head to head matchup. Carl Cicchetto of Barrington, NH and Marco Philippon of Allentown, NH finished in the semi-finals.

Quarter mile gamblers races were held in Electronicvs and Non-Electronics. In the Non-Electronic Gamblers Joe Vitetta defeated Mark Formel in the final. Kyle Armstong and Rob Giroux finished in the semi-finals.

In the Electronics Gamblers race, Grant Nichols, Sr defeated Charlie Mule in the final. Wil Beach and Karl Wright finished in the semi-finals.

The NODRAMA crew was at it again. Here is a full report thanks to Jason Heintz- "After an extended 3-weekend break, NODRAMA returned to town for Event #3 on the 2024 season. Having down time is a blessing and a curse. Those that needed the time to freshen, fix and, dial in their rides definitely took advantage. With mild pre-summer temps, and clear weather on the forecast, the NODRAMA board was packed with 38 racers ready to make their mark.

A full ladder set up another 6-round day. Coming out on top for his first ever win with NODRAMA was Bob Briggs in Iron Oxide taking the win over Runner-Up Ritchie Evan DeGraff in his 2nd time taking the small trophy this season. Consistency wins championships, and our own Young Gun is proving to be a strong contender for the 2024 crown and take the "O" out of NODRAMA. With the win, Bob Briggs came from the basement moving all the way into 4th place, while Ritchie Jr with another runner-up finish, jumps another spot into 2nd behind current points leader Randy Juliani.

With another weekend break ahead, NODRAMA returns to Lebanon Valley Dragway on June 22nd for Event #4.

It's heating up, stay tuned...."

The results for the day-



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