*Track Rental Friday, May 7 spons. by Dudash

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Track Rental 10am-3pm; Gates open at 8:30am. Tech open at 8:30am.

Pre-Pay for participation in the track rental sponsored by Carl Dudash. Pre-Pay is $70.00 with pre-registration. Guarantees your spot.

$100 at the gate for non-registered, non pre-paid entry.

Crew $12. Payable at the gate

NO REFUNDS. In the case of cancellation, it is the responsibility of the racer to contact Sue at sebell1862@aol.com to reschedule to another rental. Pre-paid entries will not be carried over to the following season.

NOTE: No parking on the asphalt between the fence and clubhouse due to a drifting event later in the day. Thank you!

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