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Weather Rollercoaster Plagues the Valley

NODRAMA winner and runner up

We can always dream of a sun filled weekend but the weekened of May 10 through the 13th was not one of them at Lebanon Valley Dragway. Friday was to host a track rental but with morning showers forecasted the rental was cancelled. The drifting event was held in the afternoon as they will run rain or shine. Saturday's weather changed up a bit and although forecasted for showers, the weather held and a full day of test and tune and racing was held only to be shortened by the start of the circle track for their normal Saturday night event. Sunday, Mother's Day, Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there, was cancelled due to rain. So no excuses for not doing something special outside of racing for mom.

This brings us back to Saturday's racing and the events that were held. With a visit from the East Coast Gassers, SuperCar, NODRAMA and the first 1/8 Mile Port-A-Tree race plus test and tune, there was a lot going on.

The East Coast Gassers completed their race with Kyle Torres with his 1936 Plymouth defeating Clayton Deming in his 1964 Ford in the final. Bob Bower and Bob Mansfield were defeated in the semi-final round.

Unfortunately, both the Electronic and Non-Electronic Port-A-Tree Gamblers races failed to finish due to the time constraint of the day. The Non-Electronic class had the final yet to finish where Chris Lofgren and George McGuigan would have paired up. Pete Bushnell finished in the semi-finals. The Electronic class finished going into the semi's with Jeff Tisdale, Tom Flemke, Jr and Kyle Cultrera left in. In these cases the races ended where they did and the winnings were divided amongst those still left in.

This brings us to NODRAMA (Northeast Old Dragracers And Musclecar Association) and their race report thanks to Jason Heintz.

Randy Juliani Winner of NODRAMA with Eddie Mig, Runner up

"NODRAMA came back to town for lucky Season 7, event #2. The season opener had a ton of folks pushing their rides to the limits. Some came through, and many went home limping or broken. NODRAMA still packed the ladder with 35 racers going for the gold. Racing is a strange beast. Hero to zero anywhere between 8 to 13 seconds. Many of our deep rounders' from event 1 got knocked out early and, the previous early 'exit-ers' went deep this go-round. With the way the ladder fell, and some deep round byes, led to another 6 round day. Coming out on top AGAIN, and taking the "Back to Back" moniker away from the 2023 champ, Randy Juliani was once again the last man standing! Runner-up went to Eddie Mig. With the back to back wins, and finally earning a DrJay nickname, Double Play Randy J has taken an early and commanding 50 point lead in the 2024 season. While Eddie Mig jumped a huge 8 spots to the number 2 position.

With an ultra-rare 3 weekend break, there's plenty of time for everyone to get those rides fixed, fresh, and ready,

for more NODRAMA action returning to Lebanon Valley Dragway for Event 3 on June 8. Stay tuned..."

And that folks is a wrap on the ride of a more wet than not weekend. This week, someone better do the no-rain dance as we have a busy week ahead. Wednesday will start off with the Street Night (fingers crossed). Friday will be a host to the Scottie Wheels extended rental with extra prep on the 1/8 mile. Saturday will host the Northeast Super Street Association (10.90 index with a pro tree); Northeast Timing Organization (NETO); the All-Star Stock/Super Stock Association and the Northeast PS800 Sled Series along with Test and Tune. Then there's Sunday where we once again try to start off the points season with the Summit ET Points series hosted by K.B. Performance. with $2000 to win Super and $1500 to win Pro. And yes, that is guaranteed money to win. NETO will also be back for a second day of racing.

Hope to see you all soon!


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