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Street Night Gives Opportunities for the Seniors to Show Why They are the Champs

Christian Lofgren winner of Street Trophy with proud dad.

May 25, 2022- Who ever said that age is just a number didn’t hang until the end of this past Street Night. Street night isn’t just for kids. The age of the participants varies from the young to the most seniors in racing. It is rather interesting to watch the young learn from the veterans in the sport and visa versa.

The night starts with time trials in the Sportsman Series at 6:00pm followed by the Street Trophy class which is made up of those racers who wish to participate in learning the ropes of racing with the winner and runner up receiving trophies. The Street Stick class is for those gear banging standard transmission vehicles which gives the opportunity for those with clutches and gears to have equal competition. A trophy is awarded to the winner and runner up in this class as well as in the Pure Street Motorcycle class.

The Pure Street Motorcycle Crew with winner Adam Sheran and runner up Kevin Manchester.

There is also test and tune for street vehicles with mufflers which happens in rotation with the racing classes for those who want to see what their street cars or bikes will run in the quarter mile without worrying about being in competition.

The results from this past Wednesday’s competition is as follows:


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