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NODRAMA Has Another Great Turnout at LVD

Thank you to Jason Heintz of the Northeast Old Drag Racers And Musclecar Association (NODRAMA) for the following report from Saturday, August 5, 2023 at Lebanon Valley Dragway.

"NODRAMA filled their pit area with another full field showing of 38 on the board. Crazy points list shakeups last week, what would Event Lucky 7 bring?

Our 2022 NODRAMA Champ Ritchie DeGraff Sr, went through the field on a mission after re-taking over the top spot, took his first win of the season. Consistency wins championships, but an event win widens the gap. With this 6 round win, Ritchie Sr. has put almost a 3 round lead on the field. Who is sitting at the infamous #2 spot? Returning to the runner-up circle at Event #7 is Jungle Jack now Back to Back Becker! In just the last 2 races, Jack has moved up 7 spots, and is heating up at the right time to make the late season challenge for the top spot.

We have a small break coming up before event #8 on August 26th, the 2023 NODRAMA homestretch is officially here. See you all soon, and as always, stay tuned..."

The points standings are as follows:



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