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Lebanon Valley Covid-19 Guidelines - MUST READ

Please read through ALL of these guidelines, so that you and your crew members know what to expect when visiting our facility. We reserve the right to update these guidelines as state and local rules change.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, these guidelines will be in effect until further notice:

-The MAIN GATE is CLOSED. Please enter through racer gate only . STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE at all times .

-SOCIAL DISTANCING RULES APPLY AT ALL TIMES. Please do your best to park in every other pit spot. We ask that Racers, Crews bring masks/coverings for when 6’ distancing is not possible. We also ask that you bring your own sanitizer & whatever cleaning products you need to feel safe.

-TECH will be in “new” area behind grandstands. Park in the pits and unloaded first. Only bring car and safety equipment into tech! Tech card MUST be filled out 100% before you come to tech. Face mask/covering must be worn when being teched in.

-NO HELMET RENTALS. We will have them available for purchase in the Tower office .

-CONCESSIONS will be open. Grandstands may be use to sit and eat, using social distancing guidelines.

-TOWER OFFICE. Only 1 person allowed in the tower (other than employees) & mask/covering will be required. All forms need to be filled out before entering office.

-CONTROL ROOM doors are locked, employees & track business ONLY.

-FUEL sales will be open. Wednesday hours are 5pm-7pm, Friday, Saturday & Sunday hours are 10am-1pm.

-STAGING LANES will be staggered using lanes 1, 3, 5, 7 & 9. Crew is encouraged to use grandstands along with social distancing guidelines.

All NHRA Safety Rules Apply. There is a 3 month extension for expired chassis certs, but rules for helmets/seatbelts/etc. are still in effect.



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