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First Wednesday with Open Test & Tune and Street Class Competition a Success

On Wednesday, June 5, 2024, the first night of open test and tune with competitive street classes was held under the setting sun in West Lebaon at the Valley of Speed. As promised, those who had joined in test and tune got some great passes under the lights. As a reminder, if anyone wishes to join in the Wednesday night test and tune, they must have a working tail light on their vehicle.

As a side note on the upcoming schedule, Wednesday, July 3, 2024 there will be NO racing in preparation for the NHRA Divisional which will be hosted by Lebanon Valley from July 4-7. This also means if you leave your trailers or campers on the property, they must be removed by the end of racing on Sunday, June 30. Please plan accordingly.

Onto the bigger and better stuff, results. In Sportsman ET, Nick Maynard tried his best to have a double up two weeks in a row but finished in the semi-finals. Billy Kirpens Jr of Pittsfield, MA took the victory over Joe Coss from Burlington, CT to make it win number two this season.

In Street Stick, Dan Murphy of Oxford, CT took home the trophy for the win when he defeated Marc Faucher of Cheshire, MA. Jim Sysocki of Hadley, MA finished in the semi-finals.

Pure Street Motorcycle saw a special night with a family fued in the final which was settled by Guy Gardner of Stuyvesant, NY defeating his son-in-law Chris Cunningham of Nassau, NY just in time to celebate Guy's granddaughter, Linden Gardner Mayers 5th birthday. Happy Birthday, Linden! Duke Huyck of Valatie, NY and Desmond White of Springfield, MA finished in the semi-finals.

In Street Trophy, Gary Daury of New Lebanon, NY took home to trophy keeping in-town when he defeated Anthony DePasquale of Valatie, NY in the final.

Join us next Wednesday for another great night of test and tune and Street Class Racing.



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