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Congratulations 2020 Summit Series Points Champions!

It's been a wild year for drag racing, but we've made it through! Congratulations to our 2020 Sunday Points Champs! Super Eliminator - Bruce Fiorito

Pro Eliminator - Pete Bushnell

Motorcycle Eliminator - Bob Carlson

High School - David Pilbin Jr

Junior Dragster - Jenna Nichols

The following is the list of participants for the bracket finals. Wayde Horton will be your Team Captain. Packets for participants are available in the tower office. Sue Bell will be getting t-shirts for the participants and extra t-shirts are available for purchase as well as sweatshirts. They are listed in the online store now.

2020 Team Lebanon Valley Dragway

"The Team That Almost Wasn't"

Super Eliminator

Bruce Fiorito

Gary Carbone

Kristen Harrison

Charlie Mule

Wilbert Beach

Jamie Dymond

Grant Nichols Sr

Jim Gagnon

Glen Crane

Mark Beaton

Stefanie Dymond

Frank Berard

Mike Fitts

Pro Eliminator

Pete Bushnell

Shawn Nichols

Jonathan Gagnon

Grant “LG” Nichols

Jason Hemingway

Bob DeYoung

Nelson Belot Jr

Anthony DiPietro

Jim Schmidbauer

David Parker

Denis Boyle

Herb Wagner

Ed McKechnie

Chris Lofgren

Motorcycle Eliminator

Bob Carlson

Ron Blake

Jeff Tisdale

Kim Kiniry

Floyd Appleby

Sportsman Eliminator

Justin Bruso

Joe Coss

Louis Hahn

Rocco Saccone Jr

Russ Wilber

High School

David Pilbin Jr



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